EZSmartCard is the first truly passwordless onboarding tool for SmartCards. EZSmartCard’s industry leading technology enables users to quickly create their secure identity without the help of the IT Help Desk.

Meet Your Infrastructure Needs

After years of working with highly regulated organizations, we understand that when it comes to security there is no one size fits all. Our tools are designed to be able to: run fully on premises managed by your team, in the cloud managed by your team while still connecting to your on premises Certificate Authority, or fully managed by Keytos (Including cloud based HSM backed CAs) leaving the infrastructure management to our team of experts allowing your team to focus on other pressing security issues.

Meet and Exceed Regulatory Requirements

With the rise of cyber-attacks have also come a wave of new regulatory requirements that require organizations to adopt the zero-trust identity features such as Microsoft’s unphishable credentials. EZSmartCard’s Zero trust design is the easiest way to enable Azure Certificate based Authentication.